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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some updates

I have been dealing with a lot lately so it has taken a while to update. I myself will be needing surgery for hyperparathyroidism. As for the cats they are doing GREAT. Their cage has been moved downstairs so they can get used to the hustle and bustle of the house. They ALWAYS are mewing for attention. Mama just loves attention. We have a new girl who is hiding out in a cage in my room that we call Sasha. VERY sweet kitty. She is a kitten from Mama's previous litter and has mommies personality though she seems like when she finnaly gets used to things she will be more willing to explore. She was more feral then her mother but already will roll on to her back purring so I can rub her chest. (She got fixed a few days ago so I will not rub her belly). She rubbs into your hand when you pet her and rubs your face if you let her. Just a sweet love dove. What a little princess she is. I will get pics up ASAP!

Friday, November 11, 2011

pics and videos

day 4

We are loving having the cats here. The kitten wants to explore more and more. Every time I look at him all i can think of is Albert Enstine with as wild as his fur is LOL. Everyone is doing well today.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

day 3

Well Mama has warmed up to us. I woke to her sleeping in bed with my husband and I. She is such a sweet girl but very skittish. She is a "leave me alone unless I come to you" cat. Though at night she cries and cries for attention. Expecialy at 3 am.
As for the kitten. He has a little rasp every now and then to his breathing. I will be contacting CARE in the morning to see what can be done for him. He is such a cutie pie and a sweetheart to boot. I hope he is ok.
It will be hard to see these cats go. I am growing fond of them both. I have found that I realy like Mamas personality. Little boy is very frisky and LOOOVVVEEESSS to play. He would love to have attention all day long. I am glad I have been given the opertunity to foster these GREAT cats. They are both wonderfull in their own way. Even though they are mom and son they are COMPLETELY diffrent. I do think Mama has been kicked though. She will let you aproach if you crouch down with your hand out to pet her but she will book it if you are just walking past her. I hope I can get her to open up just a bit more. She would be a great cat for a older cuple with no kids I think. She is very mellow for a 8 month old kitten. Just the best cat anyone could ask for if your looking for a calm well mannered cat.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kitty videos


Parker spent some time out of the cage to get a little excersize. she hid under my bed almost the entire time. When you holding her she is loving but let her go and she shys off. What a sweet little girl. On the oppisite side of the spectrum is the little goofball. He runs right to your hand as soon as it is in the cage. He loves to play and a little goofy kittien.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Parker and son


About a week ago I decided to sign up to foster animals for Care South coast in New Bedford, MA. I have just received my first foster animals. It is a mama kitty named Parker and her baby. CARE is hoping to find a home that they can both go to. They are cute fluffy long haired kitties. Parker so far seems to be a very sweet and well mannered kitty cat. She has not yet seen my 5 children. They will slowly be introduced to her so not to overwhelm her.
The kitten is eating wet food and also seems to be a sweetheart. He can climb the cage as well. They are currently residing in a cage in my room. Once they get used to that room they will be allowed to explore my room then eventually to roam the house. My cat Rukia is a little mad right now for me bringing these strange kitties home. Bad mommy :P. I will add pictures as soon as my camera charges.